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 I am passionate about supporting you to use the counselling process to find a way through difficulties you may be experiencing. The aim being to enable you to get to a better, stronger place, to discover ways to make changes, with a positive outcome 

I hope you find useful information here to help you decide if I am the right counsellor for you.

My Background:

As a counsellor I have a range of experience with a variety of issues  such as anxiety, stress and depression, low self esteem, low self confidence and relationship breakdown. An area I specialise in is grief and bereavement.

Prior to being a counsellor, I worked as a nurse in a variety of health care settings, which adds to my understanding relating to the impact of issues connected to individual health such as a long term medical condition or cancer diagnosis.

I have lived overseas for a period of time and have experience of cross cultural transition both when moving abroad and returning to the UK.

I am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and adhere to their ethical guidelines. I also hold personal indemnity insurance.



What I can Offer You as Your Counsellor:

I am integrative counsellor which means I use a combination of approaches when working with my clients. I am person centre trained which means I put you the client at the centre of the work we do together working in the 'here and now', with whatever you bring into the counselling room to talk about. Person Centred Counselling allows you to choose the focus and pace of the work. I believe in your potential and ability to make the right choices for yourself, regardless of my own values, beliefs and ideas.

I also use the Psychodynamic approach: working with personal life experiences from your past which are also impacting your present way of being and life experiences. However, I also work with different therapeutic tools and approaches in order to meet your needs as my client.


I will provide a confidential and safe space in which you can explore, with my support, your  thoughts, feelings and behaviour around your personal life experiences which may be causing difficulties. I do not give advice or tell you  what to do nor will I judge you for the way you think, feel and behave.


The work done will be carried out at your pace with you deciding what you want to explore and when so you are always in control of what you share in therapy.


I believe the relationship between counsellor and client is vitally important for the counselling to be of help and would encourage an initial session to see if you feel I am the right counsellor for you and that we can work together. Likewise if I feel I do not have the experience to support you with the issue you are coming with I will do my very best to direct you to where would best suit you.